Musicmaker tomahawk mrz
Musicmaker tomahawk mrz

Musicmaker tomahawk mrz

تولید کنندگان Musicmaker
کد محصول: Musicmaker Tomahawk mrz
موجودی: در انبار
برچسب ها Musicmaker Tomahawk mrz

محوریت صدای این ایرفون روی ساز ها و صدای خواننده (mid) هست
کیفیت ساخت عالی وارزش خرید بسیار بالا
(این مدل به صورت رسمی فقط یک کیف هست با ایرفون و سری های ایرفون بدون کارتن)

Appearance Material

  • This earphone began to design from the beginning of 2014, from the metal alloy shell CNC machining, production, modification, surface oxidation treatment plating matte black, light black, blowhole, Optimize and tune headphone mixer, to the final version MUSICMAKER laser engraved logo version, see the workmanship and materials that this is a cost-effective conscience of the industry.

Metal alloy tune

  • To provide quality sound conduction properties, creating high-quality sound performance, compared to tune flat plastic earphone’s sound, has qualitative improvement. Full of low-frequency descend, soft vocals, detailed, clear high-frequency extension.

Tuning style

  • Default tuning HIFI
  • Can be tuning according to your favorite
  • Tuning support according to individual listening preferences, can be adjusted to each frequency band performance of sound, to meet different listening style enthusiasts.

Cable material

  • Using 4N high purity oxygen-free copper twisted pair, stronger anti-interference, and high fidelity sound.
  • In this way, not only can resist electromagnetic interference from outside part, also can reduce the mutual interference between the wire pair. The two insulated wires twisted together with each other, interference signals acting on these two mutually tangled twisted wire is consistent (this is called the common mode signal interference signal), in the received signal of the differential circuit can eliminate the common mode signal and thus to extract the useful signal (differential signal). Twisted a twist length of the period, called the pitch, the smaller the pitch, the stronger anti-interference ability.


  • Model: TOMAHAWK
  • Sensitivity: 113db/mW
  • Impedance: 32ohm
  • Frequency Response: 15Hz-28kHz
  • Plug: 3.5mm straight type
  • Earpiece design: earbud
  • Wear: earplugs
  • Headphone type: Wired
  • With or without mic: without mic
  • Headphones categories: HIFI
  • Earphone output audio: portable audio-visual
  • Compatible platforms: ANDROID Windows Phone iOS
  • Applicable type of music: vocal, female, popular music
  • Cable length: 1.2m


  • MrZ Tomahawk Earphone
  • 3 pairs of foam Cushions (1x red, 1xblack, 1x hollow)
  • Carrying case

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