ruizu a50
ruizu a50

ruizu a50

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کد محصول: ruizo a50
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ساپورت انواع فرمت های موسیقی از جمله dsd256

صفحه نمایش 2.5 اینچی

مدت زمان شارژ کامل 1 ساعت

ماندگاری باتری تا 15 ساعت پخش مداوم

پشتیبانی از otg برای کپی کردن موزیک روی دستگاه

حافظه داخلی ندارد

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The HIFI Audiophile sound quality

3 kinds of fashion colors

Mini body

Support DSD256 ( when new upgarde firmware is available )

Support 24BIT

Full format decoding

MIPS + DSP architecture

DAC decoding

2.5D glass screen

Personality turntable

Fast charge

Mobile OTG copy

Support DSD256 lossless format (24bit / 192kHz)

Music signal through the master IC direct audio decoding, remove the DOP link

  • Greatly reducing the sound quality loss, to achieve real original music player

Good sound from a strong "core"

  • Equipped with professional DSP + DAC dual decoding architecture, depth optimization of audio lines

Multi-function knob + CNC carved process

  • A50 using Japan ALPS roller multi-function button + CNC carved process
  • Seiko all metal
  • Drawing process
  • Seiko CNC carved
  • CNC integrated molding

Personality turntable, flexible operation

  • Using balanced wheel control system and UI interface synchronization display, you can quickly song
  • A50 for the audiophile and students, the real HIFI lossless music support full format lossless music player, no longer have to change the format

Strong Driving thrust

  • Using noise reduction before the level of voltage amplification + post-level sensitivity accuracy
  • The current amplification of the ear to boost the sound launch, so you immersive, unparalleled

Supports CUE format files

  • Record track information, enjoy the track after the shock effect of the general CUE format file to be combined with the original audio file to play

Smart fast charge

  • Optimize the circuit, reduce power consumption, built-in fast charging module
  • Ruizu A50 one hour can be fully charged, can be played continuously for more than 15 hours

Support mobile phone OTG high-speed transmission

  • With a powerful OTG transmission function, no computer directly connected to the phone copy download the desired song
  • Note: OTG function only supports Android system

High-definition large-screen UI visual experience

  • Intuitive and simple UI interface, the operation at a glance, the display color saturation is high, can display lyrics and song name

Breakpoint play album cover display

  • Record the progress of music playback, the next boot can then play, can automatically synchronize the lyrics display, album cover display (maximum 640x640)


  • Brand Model: A50
  • Headphones, the output power ≥ 80mW
  • Transmission interface: MICRO 5PIN, USB2.0
  • System language: support multiple languages
  • Expansion card: Support MicroSD (TF) card to 128GB
  • Storage type:  Flash Memory
  • Memory capacity: NO Memory
  • Screen size: 2.5ISP glass screen 240 * 320 display
  • Battery: 800 mA polymer battery
  • Operating system audio format: Window XP, VISTA, WINDOWS 10
  • Support Format MP3, WMA, WAV, APE, FLAC, ACC, OGG, AIFF, DSD256
  • Charging time: about 1 hour (using 5V / 1000 mA charger)
  • Play time: about 15 hours (headset volume 30 screensaver to play lossless music)


RUIZU A50 player

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