choseal PB5703

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  • موجودی:موجود نیست_سفارش دهید
  • تولید کننده: Choseal
  • کد محصول: choseal PB5703

برچسب ها: choseal PB5703

The OCC copper rod's characteristic is: The single direction crystallizes or the list crystallization composition, the segregation are few, the impurity is low. An average crystal length is 125m, is above common oxygen-free copper (OFC) 50-100 times; The cost is also above oxygen-free copper (OFC) 8-15 times. Because the OCC wire rod's crystalline fracture is zero theoretically, therefore the signal may maintain in the transmission process complete not consumes.

Model : PB-5703
Brand : Choseal AC Power Cord
Diameter & Lenght : OD 15mm  X  1.8M, US plug with IEC jack.
Usage : interconnect with Amplifer or AV amplifer to DVD, CD or pre amp to power amp.

Length : 1.8 M

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