Oriolus forsteni

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  • تولید کننده: Oriolus
  • کد محصول: Oriolus forsteni

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Synchronized feeling of the music
What was developed as new model newly by supreme sound wound Oriolus brand "FORSTENI."
I am in sound it which is beautiful in the clear that I can express simply because it is two Balanced armature and high Bullitt of one dynamic driver and have the strength with me. There is what's called sense of distance in  music. FORSTENI right synchronizes the sense of distance and expresses it. I am apt to have an impression of = no personality that balance is good from a low level to a high level, but FORSTENI can tell good balance to be personality.
The cable is Oriolus 2nd Gen. Using PWAUDIO The No. 5 JP ver. where is used for,I have reputation in manageability in addition to sound quality. Please enjoy FORSTENI sound polished up by repeated tuning.

Driver constitution:
Two Balanced armature type per CH
One dynamic type per CH
Impedance: 24 Ω
An output sound pressure level: 111 dB/mW
A cord: PW AUDIO the No. 5 JP ver. Approximately 1.2m (7N OCC consecutive single-crystal copper Ritz lines)
A plug shape: 3.5mm mini-stereo

Form unpleasant tip (size S, M)
Silicon unpleasant tip (size S, M, L, 2 francs the M)
Cord clip
Cleaning tool
Earphone case

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