Ifi idsd nano

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  • The iFi nano iDSD is full of ‘firsts.’ It is the world’s smallest, portable (only 163g), battery-powered, serious DAC that plays ALL high-resolution formats: PCM/DSD/DXD natively.
  • Its portable form belies its bleeding-edge technological design. With the latest breakthrough True Native® technology from AMR, the music format remains unchanged throughout. PCM (32bit/384kHz), DSD (6.2MHz) and DXD (384kHz) via Computer or iPhone/iPad/Android simply sounds stunning; opening up a whole new world of high-end audio quality to a whole new generation of users.
  • In a palm-sized chassis with an onboard lithium-polymer battery and headphone output, the iDSD is as extraordinary ‘on the go’ as it is in a ‘high-end system’. It handles Computers/Smartphones with aplomb. It even features an SPDIF coax digital output for A/V receivers or similar to offer unrivalled flexibility.
  • The iDSD. Small in size. Tremendous in technology.
  • Power Source:

Battery/USB Bus power


DAC/Amp always run on battery

  • Battery Life:

~ 10 Hours playback*

  • Formats:

44.1/48/88.2/96/176.4/192/384KHz PCM


2.8/3.1/5.6/6.2MHz DSD


353/384KHz DXD


Bit-Perfect DSD & DXD DAC by Burr Brown (1-DAC Chip; 2-Channel; 4-Signals)

  • Filter:

PCM: Standard/Minimum Phase digital (selectable)


DSD: Standard/Extended Range analogue (selectable)


DXD: Bit-Perfect Processing, analogue filter (fixed)

  • Input:

USB 2.0


compatible with iPhone,iPod, iPad and Android Devices USB-OTG#

  • Output

SPDIF RCA (only PCM up to 192KHz)


Audio RCA


3.5mm Headphone

  • Dynamic Range:


  • THD &N (35mW)

< 0.005%

  • THD &N (Line)

< 0.005%

  • Output Power (16R):

> 130mW

  • Output Voltage:

>1.65V (>100Ω)

  • Output Impedance (Zout):


  • Power Consumption:

< 3W (charging battery and playback together)

  • Dimensions:


  • Weight:



  • iFi-Audio nano-iDSD
  • Carrying bag
  • Silicone rubber bands
  • USB DAC cable
  • Dual RCA signal cable
  • 4 pieces of rubber feet

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